Sunday, April 28, 2013


Acceptance can be a very difficult task, especially when we are asked to accept something that we may not necessarily want or think we want. This is where the grip on the waves of life try with all their might to hold still and resist the flow. Although I can somewhat stand outside the fire of it all I teeter all too close finding it difficult to see any clarity. In a time when we may be asked to surrender why is there so much fear? Is it lack of faith or lack of knowing what is at the other end and are these actually the exact same thing?

I am afraid to make a move, to make a decision, I am troubled by a sort of paralysis in the forward momentum of my life. Where to turn? Where to go? How? I know that this is the moment of surrender, the moment when you are supposed to jump over the edge...but I cannot and I am stuck.

I have become somewhat obsessive about what is next, about what lies ahead, obsessive about something I cannot control. This forward thinking means one thing, I am not present, I am not in a place of love, I am not content and this saddens me deeply as my Fear has me blocked, has me stuck, has me troubled so I pray for grace, I pray for clarity, I pray for comfort and strength as I begin to try  to dissolve the web of fear that surrounds me.

Can you accept the trials and joys of life with grace???

With Love

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Both Sides Now

To return to the notion of finding your comfort or way into the stillness it is also in this place that we must do more than listen to begin to heal. In order for the big shift or A Ha  to happen we must be willing to "see" our place within all of our interactions and relationships. We must be willing to "see" through lenses that are not available for the Ego to high jack! This is part of seeing ourselves through love, there is no wrong, no right, no he said, she said ~ it is just seeing what is. The Ego is our internal merry prankster and for a society that has been taught to look outward the Ego is VERY comfortable in a place of victim and uses many different masks to fool us into believing we are out of the Ego.

Life does not happen to us~ and if this is something we often feel than examining our role in our interactions is essential. When we talk about taking our power back this is where it ties in. There cannot be an interaction or relationship without 2 sides, you always have your part!!! If someone is "doing" something to you then you are choosing to allow that person to do it. You choose to stand or listen and take it~ walk away, hang up the phone, if you do not like something then make yourself unavailable to that situation. If you find you keep going back~ it is crucial to get out of the ego and into the heart to break the pattern. There is fear driving the force to keep you returning and the only place fear does not reside is in the heart.

If our society could try to put emphasis on holding one's self accountable for our role in our interactions instead of looking out at everyone and how it is affecting us~ we would change positively, we would heal as a world. Sounds big and fantasy like but I believe it.

Can you take an interaction that bothers you and "see" your part~ how are you involved in it and what can you do to take your power back and change it?

With Love

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things Can Only Get Better

It is in the stillness that we hear the whispers of our hearts. This place pushes fear aside to reveal what lies beneath, what is bubbling just below the surface of our day to day "go go go" mentality. When we surrender to the stillness, the nothingness, we see hope, feel hope and breathe hope. Access hope and the perception is clear= happiness and freedom.

Take time to sit in silence, in your nothingness, in your fears and allow yourself to get swept away by glorious hope that is constantly trying to remind us that things can and will get better you just have to get out of your own damn way :)