Wednesday, September 18, 2013


To continue my trail from the previous post about how life is a gift,  it is what we do with it not what we accumulate during it!  I stumbled upon a most fabulous documentary called " I AM " and I urge everyone out there to watch this movie! Talk about uplifting and refreshing but most of all it was amazing to see the validation of living through the eyes of our heart. The movie brought up the term Utopia,  which I have not thought about in ages- I vaguely remember a decade or so ago having arguments about Utopia and how it is not possible while I of course was arguing " YES IT IS" :)

This has sparked some critical and metaphysical thinking- so maybe we cannot create a Utopian society overnight - but why can't we create Utopia within ourselves? The movie talks about the magnetic field, how we all are one and how our thoughts and behaviors influence others. So if we individually strive to find Utopia in ourselves then wouldn't it make sense that it would begin to radiate to others and permeate the surface....hence a trickle down effect happening? Possibly even creating that Utopian society deemed impossible to create?

We are moving rapidly out of the masculine "doing, fixing, and intolerance for emotion"  place we have inhabited for so long and moving into the feminine. Which means it is time for us to begin to lead from our emotions towards- embracing, loving, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and love. Out of the head and into the heart- this is where those emotions thrive- so life will feel easier, you will move with grace and be able to ride the wave of life. Things will no longer happen within the perception of  "happening to you" because in your heart you know you are part of something bigger, something greater than yourself and if you are sad or down everyone feels it, we are all in it together, we are all supported from this heart felt place, we are not separate. 

I believe in every fiber of my being that we are brought into this world all the same, gigantic lights of heart and spirit.  Asking the heart to conform to the ways of a consumer driven machine like our society has been doesn't quite jive does it? And you wonder why we end up jaded, unhappy, discontent, lost and trying desperately to find our ways home- we are perpetually trying to squeeze a square peg into a circle space.

I pose this question;
If we are all one and have been blessed with the same gift of life how are you going to choose to live it?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Gift

I have not posted in long time- mainly due to distraction, time and sorting through the various meanderings of my mind. However it appears every which way I try to slice and dice it my outlook on everything comes down to a real knowing and faith that life is a gift~ it is a simple as this. Your parents gave you a gift and what you do with it is what makes the journey. There are no rights here on this planet, we are not entitled to anything, it is the journey and all the lessons that we encounter along the way that create the filling within this precious container.

So many of us get caught up in our parents and what they did or how they acted, where we came from, our childhood was this or that, etc....none of that truly matters down at the heart of it all. What matters is how you choose to fill this journey. Our perception is one of the most powerful tools we have- where is your perception arrow directed- to the comparison of yourself and the world around you or to your soul and the opportunities that await on your path?

I think about this with my children- I was never one to daydream about the house, the kids, the wedding...etc. In fact I was never really clear as to what I wanted until I met my husband- and the only clarity I had was " I do not want to live a day without this man". There were no thoughts about "good father" or "good husband" or any projections of our possible life, my soul perceived another "gift" on my journey and thank god I was quiet enough and had enough faith to listen. When it came to kids and comes to kids- I have given the gift of life to these boys, I was blessed on my journey to give them life and I am so excited to see how they live it. I want them to experience the beauty, experience the pain, the hope, the disappointment, the lust, the love, the tears, the happiness and so on!! I could go on forever because how cool is it to be the vessel of this gift?! They are here to experience their gift and I can be a witness and if they choose once they are grown have more of a part but it is up to them.

I think we have confused the lines or even forgotten the foundation of it all- we are not entitled to be here, we are not entitled to have what every one else has, we are not entitled to have children- and receiving the gift of being a parent does not entitle us to manage their life or set their course based on what we believe is right. As a parent- yes our journey has been longer and we are wiser from experience,  but we are the same as our kids, our parents, as all of us around us, we have been given the gift of life and it is for each of us individually to recognize the gift and choose what YOU want to make of it.

I believe my suffering or discontentment on this journey is rooted in the energy driven by the ego that surrounds us of " I get to be here and be like everyone else". Our heart knows we have been given a gift / opportunity to live here, just as everyone else has and it can be taken from us at anytime, so follow the guidance in your heart, find your own way and make the most of it~ for it is truly precious.