Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let Go

It is only the first couple of months of 2013 and it appears that world is making its way towards balance, this is a relief for many , we have been dominated by excess for far too long. As we move away from this domination we will begin to see evidence of softness, nurturing, light and grace. However we have built the current society with a rewards system that recognizes and holds powerful those who can take the most without crumbling. The most stress, the most job hours, the one's who can wear the most amount of hats, the ones who can go to excess without it appearing to permeate their system. Just like any other changing of the guards, the times could feel uncomfortable and rocky especially if you are more sensitive than others.

Today I go back to the notion of surrendering to the ride~ in a world where strength (emotional, physical, mental) has been beheld can you embrace an element of beauty in the breakdown? Whatever form this breakdown decides to take, can you see the beauty in the experience? In yourself? In us all? For we will all have something to face~ a fear or lack will arise, can you greet it with grace and inquisition?

With light and love


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Human Nature

Do you practice what you teach? This seems to be such an obstacle for so many that are on a path to help heal others. How can you fully believe something if you have not embraced it yourself? It is in our nature to take things that inspire us , teach us, move us and roll with them, share them in order to help someone else.

I pose this question for examination: Helping others is in our nature, giving to others feels good, but why do we choose to opt out of our own teachings? What is it about our own esteem that holds us back from receiving the healing of our higher self?

Love & Light

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Dog Days Are Over

It appears that we are moving into a sort of energetic slap in the face if you will. Our lives have been run by the first two Kleshas 1. Avidya (ignorance about the true nature of things) and  2.Asmita ( I-ness or egoism) and we are about to be rocked upside down. So get your shit together and let go of the strong grip to the rails. In a society so focused on "getting" : whether it be the guy, the house, the job, the kid, the car, the whatever our shadow side of "lack" is running the show. To continue to rise up from the suffering to choose a different path can you look inside and release the secrets, the lies, the false protections your ego has set up for you?  I invite you to begin to unravel the control that you believe you have over this life? Are we able to make choices in this life ~ yes without question but when faced with a choice who makes it your heart or your mind (ego).....a wave is coming so get ready!!

The choice is yours~ try to ride the wave with a gentle sweetness for yourself or wait on the shore for the wave to smash into you....


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lean On Me

During the last quarter of 2012 a new mantra developed in my mind "everyone deserves to be supported". Somewhere along the way "having it all together" became the thing or person to be, this seemed to be a way to show off our strength, strength of the inner ego. Where did this come from? Why was it so important or impressive to have the weight of the world on your shoulders? And then disillusion ourselves that we must really be succeeding since it wasn't bothering us? We can then continue to unravel this thread and tie it to all of the stress related illnesses floating I ask are we succeeding? Can we carry it all? NO~ somewhere we lost the idea that we deserved to be supported.

As a Mother of 3 I am finally letting down my rigid guard and really embracing the idea of "it takes a village" because it does!!!! I need help, it is imperative, it is the only way we can all have our needs met and be healthy. This does not mean I am weak, or am in over my head, this means I am human and I recognize the importance of making sure everyone in my family is supported, even myself :)

We just traveled to Disney World for our first big family trip, and this mantra played over in my head many a time. It helps me to stay calm and centered when presented with some situations that can drum up frustration and anxiety. In most of the situations presented my ego begins screaming something to the tune of "what about me or my turn" I gently and with compassion repeat in my head "everyone deserves to be supported" and I am included in this statement as well.

Who do you lean on? Do you have a village or is it all on you? Depending on your answer I ask you to examine how you feel most of the time and would you like to change it?


~and please enjoy one of my most favorite new artists~he is the real deal out there to help heal us all!!!!