Friday, January 23, 2015

Judge Not

As I travel further and further along this spiritual path the reality that my spirit lives in a human container is at the forefront of most of my thinking. The distinction between the human part of this existence and the spiritual part is so crystal clear. I am so aware that the mind, body and spirit coexist so my thoughts are almost becoming compartmentalized into boxes for human stuff and then boxes for spiritual stuff. In most ways this is easier than before when my mind led the way, my body was dragged along and my spirit was stuffed down deep inside me and maybe just maybe if I sat still long enough I could hear its whisper. My spirit now drives the bus and man last night did it drive down the streets of my mind with a huge megaphone - at one point I questioned whether or not I should go to divinity school as I feel somewhat of a spiritual soldier or God these days :-)

Our world is soul sick and I have talked about this before, we are becoming ill and do not know why. We don't feel right, we feel disconnected, we are VERY happy followed by crippling sadness that we so quickly escape when it starts to seep in. Each of us is a bright shining spirit inside of a human container. Let this spirit lead the way, I promise you it is a much easier and happier way of life. Get out of your mind and into your body, but you have to sit still, you have to stop and by God you have to FEEL!!! And you cannot feel anything in your mind or your spirit, you feel in your body, this is why we are in human form. The mind is there to notice and the spirit is there to protect and honor whatever it is you are feeling

I had a thought about a month back about judgement- Judgement is not a spiritual practice it is a human practice, as humans we judge everything. Why? My guess is all judgements are derived out of a place of insecurities and fear, both of which are human emotions. If we begin to stop judging ourselves, our desires, our actions, our thoughts and so on- we would most likely stop judging others yes? But would we notice the judgement placed unto us by others? We would still see the judgement in the world or would we become oblivious to it? Something to ponder.......

For today can you make space to sit in the stillness if even for a short burst and release a judgement you hold for yourself? Because in the end this judgement is not real, you are already complete and whole. A beautiful bright shining light just waiting for you to begin to chisel away at the armor you have created to protect yourself from this human world.


Saturday, January 10, 2015


It has been a very long time since I last wrote, I have been pleasantly preoccupied with my new baby and 3 other children. This leads me to my post today and the evolution of continuing to let my heart and soul lead the way instead of my mind.

Lately there has been a lot of reflection and conversation in regards to all of us being mirrors to one another, with this being said the mirroring begins the moment we enter this world. We use this mirroring to help us develop our self worth, self esteem and so on. On the journey back to the heart with myself and working with others I can't help but notice that almost all of us feel defective in some way which has caused some major road blocks on our path. I think it is time for us to examine our parents and how they live / lived in this world. Did your Mom and Dad live with a heart wide open? Did they love themselves unconditionally? If you cannot answer yes to these questions then you most likely learned and received conditional love. This conditional love in terms of mirroring is the very reason why deep down inside you feel defective, not worthy....not good enough. If our parents could not embrace their entire selves with love they could not mirror that back to you, and because we are born whole and complete, we slowly begin to deviate away from those certain parts of the light because the love energy that radiated out from us was not returned. We only had the ebb and flow of pure love in the places where our parents were able to access. And in turn the cycle lives on in our adolescent lives and into adulthood if we have not done the work to break the pattern. Love is something that cannot and does not reside within the head, knowing we should love something does not create is best to relate this concept to ourselves, if when thinking about loving ourselves your mind immediately answers with of course I love myself we are supposed to love ourselves chances are you don't. The skeletons in the closet have not been embraced and befriended which has to be done in order to live a life wholeheartedly. All parts must be included ( the scariest ones) which results in unconditional love.

If we want to change the world we must start with ourselves, think about the impact on the next generation of children if their parents loved and lived through their whole heart.  Our legacy would be leaving the next generation of kids feeling whole, complete and worth it- at that point the sky truly is the limit.

We cannot place blame on how we got to be where we are, this does not help our growth in any regard. We can however see why we are, how it came to be and then move through it, we are the captain of our ship and my god our children are learning most from our actions and how we feel about ourselves. So what are you reflecting back? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Is your heart wide open? Is the captain of your ship the heart?  If the answer is no then please know you are not alone and in fact you are the majority, but you can break the cycle, you can change. It takes courage, hope, faith and resilience but all of us came in to this world whole and we can leave this world the same way.

Lets keep our kids shining bright, keep them whole and give them a chance the most of us never had by learning to truly love ourselves again.