Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Rainbow Connection

As I sit here in my pile of intolerance for adult behaviors that seem to continue to circle round and round and round with no apparent end in sight~ not only am I bothered by others but mostly by my own mindset. As I got up to grab some water I was stopped in my tracks my something deemed as holding little to no significance in my life- but maybe it should. The 2 sippy cups drying on the counter featuring Elmo with a smile in scuba gear and Abby as a fairy with a wand darted my energetic field with the reminder of innocence, hope and happiness.

Maybe the kids are the ones that have it right- inundated with fantastic cartoons about the joys of succeeding, being a good person in the midst of adversity and following your heart. Reminders through books and music that things get better and to "just keep swimming". We are jaded as adults- if the kids are here to save our world maybe it is time for adults to start taking cues from the little ones, more cartoons, colors, playfulness, games and the pure joy of just being. And maybe even time for the kids to stop learning from the unhealthy behaviors of our parents that we spend the later part of our lives trying to undo.

Imagine a world full of hope, innocence, color, joy, play and experience- what would you do if you could go back and be a kid again for just one day? Is there a way to incorporate that image into your daily routine now as an adult?

Now this my friends is something to ponder!!


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