Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thank You

I am constantly reminded that this "whole" living thing is a is always a practice. A practice in kindness, compassion, patience and so on. We are human, we trip up and that is the facts which is why we must always continue our practice.

Fear has been ever present these days- something that keeps rearing its head but last week while sitting in church I had a bit of a breaking point. While listening to part of the scripture it certainly appeared to me that the words were driving a fear that in turn would create an eternal love? How can that be? And so my practice dove deeper- I think I may have touched on this before but love is abundance, it is pure and it applies to everyone and everything no matter what. Fear creates lack, negativity and doubt love and fear cannot coexist together simultaneously or can they?

I will be continuing this practice of examining the two (fear and love) only because I know when I am purely in my heart no fear can exist, but my head is a different story. The goal is to combine and intertwine the head and heart right? So then what?

As I move slowly away from my fear and back into my heart I am awe struck at how the most simple moments can move one's entire soul. As I sit in the silence this evening I am filled with pure gratitude for the opportunity to be fully present with my little one. I was reminded of the miracle he is, the miracle we all are and with that the tears of gratitude began to flow. These are the tears that take your breathe away- that stir your soul, the blessed tears. They cannot be created in your head and cannot exist in fear....these tears of joy are from the heart. And so I am thankful for the constant opportunity to practice....

I read a plaque today that said " You have your hands full...Yes and you should see my heart" - as I embark on my latest journey - moving from a family of five to six- this statement says it all and there is nothing more.


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